Hi guys… I’ve spent the morning changing the theme on my blog and trying to figure out how to add specific posts to my pages. I did this mostly because I wanted to be able to have all of my recipes together on the “My Moroccan Recipe” page (You will find it as a menu tab), once I actually started posting them… Which I did today! My first recipe up is for Moroccan Lentils . So, the recipes I post will now show up as blog posts on my home page and also neatly kept all together on the recipes page.

This change was important to me for two reasons… first, I wanted a nicer looking website that was attractive and responsive. Responsive was important because I wanted the site to translate properly no matter which device you are using to view Gypsy-heart-travels.com. Honestly, I was hoping to have the recipes only show up as posts on the recipes page but, for now this will do. The second reason for the change is my love of cooking. Anyone who knows me knows I thrive in the restaurant business and got extreme satisfaction cooking for people as a chef.moroccan-food-5 So, I really wanted to share my Moroccan food and cooking journey with all of you. Here in Morocco, like everywhere, food is a huge part of the culture. My Moroccan man proudly let me know, right away, that he loved all kinds of food and eating! This not only goes for him, but for all Moroccans. So, learning the finer details and techniques of Moroccan cooking was important to me. Just as important as it is for me to share these recipes, tips and tricks I figure out, with you.

So, check out the first recipe I have posted. If you try it out, leave a comment and let me know what you thought. Also, leave a comment and let me know what you think of the new theme and layout. Until next time… xo