This week I finally got everything together for my Carte Sejour (residency permit). Here is the list of what I had to gather for the application here in Tamraght/Taghazout Morocco…

  • A background check from the USA. I ordered mine through the FDLE. It must be an official stamped report
  • A translation of the US background check in French or Arabic
  • A Moroccan background check.
  • My visa extension paper
  • A statement from a Moroccan bank account with a minimum of 20000 dirhams
  • A copy of my lease
  • A health report from a Moroccan doctor
  • Copies of the first page and Moroccan entry stamps of my passport
  • A letter from me stating that I will not be working during my time in Morocco written in French and signed
  • (12) 4×4 passport photos
  • Application

I needed 4 copies of the two pages of my passport and the original plus 3 copies of all required documents. All of the copies needed to be stamped at the city hall in Aourir.  The application fee is 100 dirhams and you need to purchase a 20 dirham stamp with your application.

I have everything together and ready to turn in. I’m hoping to apply before the end of this week because my visa extension ends April 24th and it takes about 2 weeks for them to process the paperwork… I will update you once I do! xo