So, as you my have guessed, I’m still here in Morocco. I made no trip back to Florida. I haven’t written because I was consumed with a bit of a staycation and now writing. For about 10 days, my Moroccan man had time off and we rented a car. We explored areas around Agadir I had never been.

Our first road trip was an hour or so drive south to Imsouane. 19767189A cute little fishing village where people love to surf. Something about it reminded me of Cortez Village on Anna Maria Island on the west coast of Florida. When we got there, we sat and had tea while we chatted and relaxed in the sun. We walked to have lunch at a little spot with a great view. The grilled tuna was amazing. We also had an order of grilled sardines. After, we walked the village and headed home. It was nice to have my first road trip trough the countryside. The winding mountain roads and views are amazing.

The next day, I chose to go to Taroudant. This was a 2 hour drive a little north-east of here. itinerary_2830It is also about an hour from Marrakesh. We took the long way which took us almost an hour more to get there but that’s OK. The trip took us through some cute villages we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The medina, or old city, is surrounded by walls.  I loved walking the medina streets, with it people on bicycles and horse and buggys. Having never been to Europe, this is what I imagined it woud be like. This was a place I could see myslef living in. I found this description of the city: “Taroudant (also called little Marrakech) is a city in southern Morocco. It is the capital of the province and is located 76 km east of Agadir. It is a city that has had over the centuries different ethnic groups and residents including the Amazigh and Arabs. It served as the capital for the Saadi Dynasty, and then for the Alaoui dynasty. A major source of income for the local population is agriculture and manual labor. There are various Arab and Amazigh markets both have their own specialization. In the city are mainly produced oranges and argan oil. Taroudant has impressive city walls where time has stopped.People are very friendly, there are nice terraces and little tourists. Taroudant is over 1000 years old, it was the capital of the Sultan. The kilometer-long city walls with gates, the old kasbah and souks, the whole infrastructure testifies. Here you will find no supermarkets or modern flats! The 400 year old mosque burned off in early 2013 (to be restored), but you walk there through a film set: all the craftsmen, the houses of rammed clay, the tannery, the Sultan Palace in the beautiful gardens, the Gnawa musicians, etc. A ride by horse and cart is a must as well to see all its beauty!💠💙” -Morocco interested on Facebook 

While walking the streets, we were stopped by a man on bicycle. We sat next to him yesterday in Imsouane, while having lunch. He recognized us as he was pedaling by and wanted to say hi. What a small world we live in.

The next day we were off to Paradise Valley, a wonderful drive about 45 minutes east of Aourir. downloadThrough the mountains and into the valley there were breathtaking sights to see. The area is lush and full of palm trees. We got there, parked and started the hike down into the valley. It was amazing. On the hike you will find little cafes in the woods serving tagine. When you get to the valley the water is crystal clear. People swim and dive in the waters. Along the edges, there are tables and chairs in the water and vendors serving water and juices. I couldn’t imagine how everyone got supplies down here. Then, I was reminded of my favorite, donkeys! They happily carry down supplies without a complaint.

The last trip we made was to (1)We took this trip because my Moroccan man wanted me to see where his family was from. Essauoria is a 3 hour drive from us so, we stayed overnight. On the way, we stopped for coffee in a village called Tamanar. This is where his father grew up. It was about half way to our destination. We actually stopped here, on the way back, and had lunch  the next day. Essauouria is a combination fishing village and walled city. The medina is behind lovely walls but unlike Taroudant, it is smaller and has a larger new town. The fishing port is gigantic compared to Imsounae.

While there, we took a drive to Sidi Kaouki. It was quiet and windy that day.sidi-kaouki-morocco-4 Although, the camels were there if anyone wanted a ride. We also found a donkey family with what looked to be a very young donkey, along with a dog family… complete with romping puppies, I had to play with.

I had fun seeing different places and villages in Morocco. As much as they are the same, they each have their own charm and distinctive differences. I can honestly say, I wish Agadir still had its medina. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in an earthquake in the 70’s. It is really a shame because the medina’s, to me, are the heart and soul of each city and of Morocco itslef.

About a week ago, my Moroccan man left to spend Ramadan with his family. So, I have been alone since. I miss him but I enjoy my alone time. It is giving me a chance to reflect and work tirelessly on my novel. I do hope though, he doesn’t wait till the end of Ramadan to return.

Today I was walking to Aourir, listening to music from home for first time and it made me sad.  I don’t know if it is because I’m alone or maybe it made me miss my life at home a bit. I would usually listen to the radio only while driving around in my convertible. Here, I walk everywhere. While walking, and over the past week, I have been reflecting on my life as it is today. There is one difference in my life that is glaringly obvious to me. It’s not my location or, the fact that I have a hard time communicating with those around me. It is in my outlook.

I don’t have any great desires nor do I have plans for my future. I thinking about it…honestly, why bother? Any time I’ve had plans and saw my future clearly, it blew up in my face. I was engaged, saw my life married only to be left by him, in a hotel room. I was enrolled in Drexel University with plans of being an architect, at the urging of my 85 year old boss. He wanted to groom me to take his place in the company. Then, the housing market crashed. I lost my job and my place in Drexel, a co-op University. I moved to Florida to be closer than my Dad, the day he moved me into my apartment, he was killed in a car accident. I opened a coffeehouse/bar. I saw my future as a successful business owner, setting up the rest of my life. 3 weeks before it opened I was in a car accident and couldn’t walk for many months. Needless to to say, the venture only lasted a year. I was the General Manager of a chain restaurant. I was clearly on the path to be a District Manager. I saw my life climbing the corporate ladder to success. Only to have the company go bankrupt trying to sell their stocks on the open market.

 I could go on, listing little and big defeats of my plans and vision for the future. Each time, devastated and shattered. Left to regroup and start again. Constantly worried about a future that may never come.  So, now I am trying to live one day at a time. Doing my best to live my version of living in the moment. Taking life as it comes. No plans and no real worries.

Sure, I have hopes and dreams, we all do. I just don’t look at them and plan each step in making them happen. Clearly seeing the future has never worked for me. So, what’s my plan? I can tell you want I’m doing today and maybe what I’m doing tomorrow. Beyond that, not so much. When God, life, the universe, whatever you believe, has its own plan for me and my life… I see no  real reason to. Like everyone, I want it all, love, fortune, abundance, success and comfort. I just see no specifics any longer on how I am am going to get there.  I am choosing to let my life unfold one day at a time. When there are decisions to be made and forks in the road, I will do my best to choose my path wisely. Until then, I will work each day at becoming a better me and and figuring life out.  I’m on a path of recovery and discovery. Recovering from life’s many disappointments, road blocks, injuries and heart breaks. I am doing my best to discover myself, my passions, and the truest meaning of life.

So, at this point in my life, everything is vague. I have my perosnal deisres and I am confident that, when the time is right, I know I will have them fufilled.  xo