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I know I haven’t written all summer. So, here’s a quick update on everything….

I am still waiting on my resident card. Although, on June 13, I did receive the receipt that I applied. There were a few revisions I had to make prior… new passport photos, not the 5×5 they requested and I delivered… I also had to have a new lease drawn up. One that was not a had written fill in the blanks style, but one that was computer generated. I was down to the wire of my visa extension expiring but, I got it done. The receipt I was given is only good for 3 months so, I hope they produce my ID soon… Im about 6 weeks in now.

My Moroccan man went back to Rabat to spend Ramadan with his family. I stayed here in Tamraght alone. I did do a bit of fasting over the holiday, I refrained from eating till sundown but, indulged in coffee and water. The time apart gave me the freedom to focus on getting my first novel written and uploaded on Amazon. It is available on both Kindle and in paperback. Gypsy Heart: Breaking Free is available here. I worked long and hard to complete it during the month of June, and I was off to start my next project…

SAROdesign is a collaborative effort. It is my Moroccan man and I, designing tee-shirt art/graphics. We use 2 print on demand companies to produce the items for our customers. We have two shops, stores.ebay.com/SAROdesign is our eBay store that sells tee shirts and soon we will be offering tote bags and large beach towels with our original designs. We also have a Facebook store, facebook.com.designsbySARO … Here we use a separate print on demand company and offer exclusive designs. The designs can be printed on coffee mugs, shower curtains, throw pillows and phone cases. We also offer kids designs exclusively through our Facebook store… We are working hard to make this a success, so check out both online stores! Like and follow per Facebook page and follow us on Instagram, @designby SARO to see our latest designs. I did purchase a domain, designbySARO.com. I have put working on it on hold for now but I will let you know once it is up and running.

Once my Carte Sejour comes through, I will post about the timing and details for those of you interested in getting foreign residency. I did find an interesting show I watched thru Ramadan on TLC. Its called 90 Day Finace, it’s a reality show about foreigners getting American residency through a K-1 or fiance visa. It’s entertaining and gave me some insight into my own situation… cultural and language differences, etc. Now, my Moroccan man is hooked on it and is watching all the episodes… lol. Go ahead and check it out if you enjoy watching shows online. It is in its 4th season and 2nd season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? … a follow-up show about some of the couples.

Well that’s about it for now… Check out our SAROdesign shops! xo