I know I havent been writing much or posting any recipes… I have been busy designing graphics and building a website (designbysaro.com), and setting up social media for SAROdesign. It should be up shortly. I will post once it is… along with getting back into the swing of blogging and posting recipes!!
Thanks for being patient…

FYI, its been 3 months since I received the receipt for my residency (carte sejour) and still no ID card yet. Today my Moroccan man is taking the receipt to get stamped for another 3 month extension… Hopefully within this 3 months they get it completed. I have just resigned myself that this is the Moroccan “In Shallah” (in Gods time) attitude. I have to tell myself something… this waiting is always tough. Honestly, I ordered an updated Florida drivers license at the end of August and it arrived to my home in Florida within a week. Granted last time I did it took over 3 months to get it but, this whole Moroccan process seems excessive. I know here nothing is automated or computerized….and everything is still done by hand so this makes the wait a little easier. xo