I’m sure your tying to figure out who I am and why you should read this blog or listen to anything I have to say. Well, I’m a former restaurant consultant, general manager, chef, owner and pure gypsy at heart.

I have lived all over Florida, Costa Rica and now, Morocco. I hope to share with you my adventures, thoughts & feelings on life, love and food….along with a recipe or two.

Just over a year ago, I had relocated to Ft Lauderdale, FL and while sitting in a “new to me” establishment, I decided to start a blog called The Art of Eating Out. I started it while I was laid up after two back to back surgeries, at the start of 2016. I had high hopes of inspiring the local foodie to try small out of they way places. The restaurant business runs through my veins and every establishment I enter, I ultimately find myself critiquing everything from the food and service to the decor. This time was no different. With sites such as Yelp! , where everyday people give their opinions, I felt that both restaurants and customers would appreciate opinions of a “insider” or “professional”. Considering, at this time in my life, every restaurant I go to will be new to me I thought that this would be a great time to start this blog. Unfortunately, being on crutches and going through rehab, along with a huge financial hit, the site fell out of favor and to the wayside.

My personal culinary journey started when I was a teen, growing up in NJ, I took a job in a Jewish deli. This was my first experience in food service and I loved it. I enjoyed the preparation for the day, slicing deli meats, tomatoes and lettuce, making tuna and other salads. It was a fun work environment, we laughed through every shift of every day. What really made my days awesome were the regular customers. They came day after day. Getting to know them and their personal food preferences was something I found very appealing. These people who were strangers became connected to me through food and hospitality. I was hooked and that was just the beginning… I’ve held every position from front to the back of the house in a restaurant. After owning a coffeehouse/bar in my late 20’s I made a career of turning around failing restaurants for absentee owners. I’ve been able to bring a business into “the black” within 30 days.  I’ve also consulted on the opening of a martini bar in Ponte Vedra, FL. There, I was able to help design the interior & layout. Along with, set up systems for the servers and bar. I take great pride in the work I do because, I truly love the industry. Having said all that, also want to impress upon you that I’m just your average person. The places that intrigue me are always an independent restaurant and more so,  the “Mom & Pop”. Places where the owners passions are seen, felt and tasted.

Lest we forget, the most important part of the equation, on this journey, is that I am a gypsy at heart. I have moved more times than I can count. I am on my second round living outside of the country, in Tamraghrt, Morocco. I want to share with you the sights, sounds and tasted of this beautiful North African country.  Along with, my thoughts, feelings and struggles as my gypsy heart embarks upon another adventure of a lifetime, one that is both exciting and scary.

I hope you will enjoy it with me. xo