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My Moroccan Recipies

Moroccan Chickpeas (hummus)

Here in Morocco they call chickpeas Hummus...not the hummus you think of as dip but acutal chickpeas in a delicious broth with vegetables... Give it a try you wont be disappointed! Ingredients 1/4 to 1/2 cup Olive oil 1 large... Continue Reading →


French Tacos – Yup you heard it right

Here in Morocco I see tacos advertised on many of the local snack shops signage. It drove me crazy because I never see tacos anywhere. My Moroccan man had no idea what they actually were, either. I started thinking, maybe,... Continue Reading →

Homemade Harissa

I am a lover of all things hot and spicy. I have a datil pepper sauce recipe that I hold dear to my heart. There are no datils in Morocco, so I came up with this awesome Harissa recipe to... Continue Reading →

Moroccan Couscous and Vegetables ( aka 7 Vegetable Couscous)

So, about a month ago, I was given the challenge of cooking Moroccan couscous for my Moroccan man. Generally, this dish is cooked in a Moroccan Handmade Cooking Tagine and the couscous is steamed and hand separated, as it is... Continue Reading →

Bissara: Moroccan Fava Bean Soup

So, one day my Moroccan man informed me that he had a craving for Bissara. I think it was after a conversation with his brother. They are always sending each other photos of the foods they are eating. Considering his... Continue Reading →

Loubia: Moroccan White Beans

Loubia means bean in Darija. When Moroccans refer to "loubia" they are speaking of white beans and more specifically super simple white bean recipe. Despite the simple recipe, they really pack a lot of flavor. Here in Morocco there are... Continue Reading →

My Moroccan Cooking

I've decided to add this page to share some of the Moroccan recipes I cook and have learned to master in flavor and cooking technique. Even as a chef, mastering the flavor profiles of Moroccan food is a challenge. After... Continue Reading →

Moroccan Lentils

This is probably my Moroccan mans favorite recipe that I make. It could be because it was the first Moroccan recipe I perfected but, he says he actually likes them better than is own Moms. Now you cant beat that.... Continue Reading →

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